Casa Cecchin.
Winemakers since 1978.

Our history
The story of a passion.

Wine comes from the earth and we are its guardians. By choosing to produce the native grape varieties of these hills, we wanted to bet on our own roots, to look to the future without turning our backs on the past.

We get to know our vineyards by walking between the rows and we know how to manage the vines according to their nature. With patience and trust, we follow the rhythms of the seasons and wait for the fruit to reach its full ripeness.

We respect its intimate nature without forcing it. We try to capture its spontaneous expression, rather than sacrificing its uniqueness in the pursuit of a distant idea. To find our land in our wine. And to recognise ourselves as part of it.


Renato Cecchin, an engineer with a passion for wine, bought a piece of land on the Agugliana hill and planted the first Durella vineyard, a typical grape of the Lessini mountains that was about to be discarded because it produced sour wines.


He built the house and the cellar by digging into the black basalt rocks with the intention of creating a single vineyard – where he planted the Durella and Garganega varieties – surrounded by olive trees, broom and many fruit trees.


The winery is inaugurated with the first bottles of Durello and Gambellara Classico.


Renato strongly believes in the potential of the Durella grape and started making sparkling wine using the Martinotti Method.


The 1989 harvest was yet another important milestone in the history of Casa Cecchin: the first vintage of Lessini Durello Classic Method. This marked the end of the Martinotti Method.


Renato invented a tool for remuage: a hexagonal container that rotates 273 bottles by 1/6 of a turn in a single movement. He patented it and this became the official method for Casa Cecchin.


His daughter Roberta joined the company and the engineer passed on all his passion and knowledge to her.


Roberta immediately recognised the great potential of the Durella grape and insisted on producing a more structured Durello still wine: this is how Pietralava was born in 2008.


The Classic Method sparkling wine Riserva was joined by another one: Nostrum, with 3 years on the lees and extra brut dosage.


Is the year of Mand├ęgolo, a sparkling Durello on yeasts.


Casa Cecchin unveiled a new logo, image and labels inspired by the hexagon motif, which is the driving force behind the brand.


Renato continues to give his valuable advice to Sara, his granddaughter who has embarked on this path, and to Enrico, a young and trusted winemaker and cellarmaster.


Tasting in the cellar

Tour of the Cellar + Tasting of the winery’s representative wines

Casa Cecchin awaits you in the cellar to introduce you to the magical world of wine, taking all wine lovers on a journey that combines the history of the territory and the culture of wine.

Our wines

Lessini Durello Riserva
Classic Method 60 months +

Lessini Durello Nostrum
Classic Method 36 months

Monti Lessini Durello

Veneto IGT Durello

Extra Virgin Olive Oil