An invention

Cecchin's Hexagon

For Casa Cecchin, the Hexagons is much more than just a logo.

The Hexagon symbolises Mr Cecchin’s contribution to the world of Classic Method sparkling wines. A symbol that is also a tribute to those who have believed in this territory and have personally worked to enhance it.

In 1992, Renato Cecchin studied and designed a system for the optimisation of one of the fundamental stages in the production of a Classic Method wine: remuage (riddling).

Cecchin’s Hexagon is nothing more than a hexagonal metal container that allows a single person to turn up to 273 bottles at a time. From the walls of the bottle, the bed of yeast gradually moves towards the cork and is then expelled by disgorging. This system allows the optimisation of effort and time, with zero energy consumption, while enhancing the human factor and the role of men and women in the production of this type of wine.

Our Method

Sugar and yeast are added to the “base” wine at the bottling stage in a mixture known as liqueur de tirage.

A second alcoholic fermentation begins in bottles sealed with crown corks. This re-fermentation, known as “second fermentation”, produces carbon dioxide which cannot be released from the bottle and remains trapped in the wine, giving it perlage.

The yeast settles to the bottom as a residue when its feeding is finished. Month after month, year after year, the now-depleted yeast cells continue to add flavour, structure and complexity to the wine.

At the end of the stay on the yeasts, preparations are made for disgorgement. This is where Cecchin’s Hexagon comes in, placing the bottles neck-down, ready to be disgorged and thus clarified.

Our wines

Lessini Durello Riserva
Classic Method 60 months +

Lessini Durello Nostrum
Classic Method 36 months

Monti Lessini Durello

Veneto IGT Durello

Extra Virgin Olive Oil