Veneto IGT Durello Passito

The typical freshness of Durello marries with sweetness in this extraordinary passito. Its uniqueness stems from the malic acid characteristic of the Durella grape. It stimulates salivation, counteracting the opulence of the sugars produced by the withering process. Il risultato è una bocca pulita, persistente di retrosensazioni, pronta a ritornare al cibo.

Grape variety
Durella 100%.

Gualiva, planted in 2013, facing Southeast at an altitude of 250 meters above sea level.

Hilly terrain of volcanic origin with tuff and basalt stones.

The grapes are selected and harvested in crates of approximately 4kg each and stored in the fruit room where they rest until February.

At the end of the withering phase, the grapes undergo a slow pressing cycle to extract their precious juice, which ferments and matures in oak barrels for more than a year. Follows a period of refinement in stainless steel before bottling and subsequent resting in the bottle.

Tasting notes
Ancient golden yellow. Aromas of dried fruit and citrus. The sweetness is well balanced by a pronounced acidic note.

Great with full-fat semi-hard cheeses made from raw milk. Bread and raisin cake soaked in wine, butter cookies, and almonds.

Bottles produced
1.500 of 500ml.

Lessini Durello Riserva
Classic Method 60 months +

Lessini Durello Nostrum
Classic Method 36 months

Monti Lessini Durello

Veneto IGT Durello

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